About Appa

Hi – my name is Arun Rajappa. I’m a program manager at Microsoft – everything here, though, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. I’ve been working at Microsoft for about 4 years now – for the first two and a half years at the Microsoft India Development Center in Hyderabad, and since Aug ’05 at Redmond.

I spend too much time on at the computer – doing email, reading blogs, writing or (now less frequently) coding. When I’m not doing these, I’m watching movies or playing XBox. If I’m ever not in front of a screen, I may be reading a book, listening to music, cooking or (most likely) sleeping. :)

(c) 2007 Arun Rajappa


1 Response to About Appa

  1. Space Bar says:

    hullo! but where’s your blog? all those uncensored opinions?


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