A modest palace

There is a tree, offering shade

In this calm, cool grove.

A babbling brook runs near,

And the twitter of birds fills the air.

Butterflies glide from flower to flower,

And the earthworms dig their earth.

The scent of life fills the air,

As does the knowledge of death.

Under this tree I sit,

And I close my eyes and breathe,

Quieting my restless mind,

Opening my senses to what is.

I am in the moment,

Present, mindful and aware,

With understanding and love,

In my modest palace.

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I saw a single rose on a trellis yesterday,

Blood red was she, against a canopy of green.

Forlorn, and yet magical in her solitude,

Misunderstood, unique and alone.

She was a contrast from her company,

Calmly, she held her head up straight,

Expressing her self without shame or pride.

At once natural and comfortable was she,

Not trying too hard to move to a garden of roses,

Or mingling with her company in despair, yet disgust.

Alone, and yet aware of her circumstance –

This was the way of things,

And she would be alone, gracefully.

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Book: A whole new mind

  • Design
  • Story
  • Symphony
  • Empathy
  • Play
  • Meaning

First part of the book – didn’t care for it. Second part of the book – worth the portfolios.

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For A & S, wherever you may be

Do you have good friends, close friends,
with whom you are comfortable in an instant
even though you are meeting after years?

What does comfortable mean, really?
It means you throw away inhibitions –
You may shriek with joy and then cry when you meet
Jump into bed together, suddenly you’re 4 year olds.
You don’t bother each other with niceties –
“Have you had breakfast? Would you like a towel?”
Because you know it’s OK –
They’ve already raided your fridge,
Your laundry, your cupboard!

You see a strange reflection of yourself,
wearing your tees, your pants, your shoes
(And you secretly hope that it stopped there!)
You wonder what has changed – what’s different?
Things that would make you mad if others did it
Are laughed away as foibles and peculiarities;
Things that would hurt if others said it,
Are shared, welcomed & laughed at together!
True freedom with another, a special feeling.

Do you have good friends, close friends,
with whom you are comfortable in an instant?
I do, I do – for A&S, wherever you may be.

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My Wife’s Cooking

My Wife’s Cooking

I come to the table preoccupied
You serve me dal with rice,
Simple to cook, done in a jiffy –
3/4th cup dal, 2 cups water,
Turmeric, and a pinch of salt –
Boil, boil, till it is done.
Then the tadka, a splatter in hot oil
Of kalonji, or red chilies maybe?
Simple, fast, easy – done!

I lose myself to the food wholly
Mashing the dal with the steaming rice
I blow on my fingers,
Bite on a green chilly
Spoon in a mouthful
Squeeze in some lemon
A slice of onion & cucumber
Another mouthful of rice with dal,
Repeat till the plate is wiped clean.

You have my attention fully now –
I smile in love, nay, devotion.
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”,
A truer word was never spoken!
Some magic in your hands, my love
Or perhaps some love in your heart –
Your cooking is wonderful, a wonder
Your food so tasty & delicious, divine!
Like no other food in earth or heaven.

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The Yellow Stress Ball

That yellow stress ball on my table
Mocks me in jaundiced cheer:
“Press me, squeeze me” he urges –
“My depression a reflection of yours”!

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